Research Mentorship Program

The overall purpose of the DFCM Research Mentorship Program is to enhance the quality, quantity, dissemination and uptake of family medicine research. There are several other types of mentorship, including career mentorship, academic mentorship, and life mentorship that are not specifically being addressed by this mentorship program (see below for other mentorship resources such as the DFCM Mentorship Network), although they may occur indirectly as a result of the research mentorship relationships that are developed. Research mentorship needs vary greatly between researchers based on things like their: stage of career; research interests; academic background; research environment; availability of resources; amount of time protected for research; and these mentorship needs also tend to evolve over time.

The Research Mentorship Program has been established to help facilitate research mentorship by: linking those with research mentorship needs with one or more research mentors (e.g. research mentorship teams - the composition of which will likely evolve over time); suggesting roles and responsibilities for both the mentors and mentees; providing access to a variety of research resources that may be helpful to both mentors and mentees; evaluating the success of the research mentorship relationships; and evaluating and modifying the Research Mentorship Program based on the findings from these evaluations.

It is important to note that research mentorship, like other forms of mentorship, is regarded as important academic work by the DFCM and it will be taken into account during annual reviews and when under consideration for academic promotion. Researchers should therefore document all of their research mentorship activities.

If you have any questions regarding the Research Mentorship Program, please contact Dr. Paul Krueger, Associate Director, Research Program ( or Noah Frank, Research Administrator (

Research News & Events

  • The Research Program is currently accepting applications for the Graduate Research Studies Award. The deadline is Friday, June 12th. Please click here for details.