REB Process

REB Submission Process

All DFCM faculty, staff, and students submitting REB applications through the Department of Family and Community Medicine requiring the signature of our Interim Chair, Dr. David White, must first submit their REB application, relevant appendices (if applicable), and the DFCM Resource Implication Form (link below) to the Research Program for review. Please allow for two weeks for the review process. Completed REB application packages MUST be submitted to

Once the REB application package is signed by our Chair, it will be returned to you. It is your responsibility to then submit the REB application package. Submission guidelines are summarized HERE.


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REB Workshops

There are REB workshops available to all DFCM faculty, staff and students, held each November and February. Register for REB workshops HERE.


DFCM REB Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly encourage you to read the UofT REB FAQs for a comprehensive overview of the UofT REB application process. However, these are a few questions that we receive on a regular basis, or are questions specific to the DFCM process:

    • How do I submit my REB application to DFCM? Please email all application materials (including REB application, appendices, and Resource Implication Form) to
      • How do I submit my REB application to UofT? The deadline for delegated reviews is every Monday by 4 pm; the deadline for full board reviews is once per month as outlined HERE. Submissions must be submitted by email, and submission guidelines are outlined HERE.
        • How long will the DFCM Research Program REB review process take? You can expect a response within 2 weeks of submission.
          • How long will the UofT REB process take? Delegated reviews receive a response within 4 weeks of submission; full board reviews receive a response within 2 weeks of submission; administrative reviews receive a response within 10 business days.
            • Do I have to submit an REB to UofT if I have already submitted an REB to my site? You will be required to complete an REB application in certain cases such as if there is data collection or recruitment on UofT property. You will be required to submit an administrative review if UofT plays a peripheral role such as storage/analysis of data, involvement of a graduate student, or administration of funds. Please note that you only qualify for an administrative review if your study was approved by a TAHSN institution and you will not be collecting data or recruiting participants at UofT.
              • My primary appointment is in DFCM, but I am cross-appointed in another department - where do I submit my REB application for signature? If your study is in any way related to the DFCM, or you are using DFCM resources (i.e., space, funds, library, graduate students, etc.), please submit your REB application via the DFCM REB process. If, however, your study is unrelated to the DFCM and you do not plan to use any DFCM resources, you can submit your REB application through your cross-appointed department or through the DFCM.
              • I have already collected data without an REB, but now I would like to submit an REB - what is the process? REB submission after data collection is known as a secondary analysis of data, and requires the exact same process as regular REB submissions. Please include an explanation in your REB application outlining your reasons why an REB was not initially submitted and why an REB is now required.


                Do you have additional questions about the DFCM or UofT REB process? Please contact Noah Frank, Research Administrator, at