Postgraduate Family Medicine Residents

Academic Fellowship Program
The Academic Fellowship Program allows Family Medicine residents the opportunity to spend at least one or two half-day sessions per week (40 half-days minimum) during the academic year pursuing a research topic of their interest.

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Clinician Scholar Program
The Clinician Scholar Program (CSP) was accredited by The College of Family Physicians of Canada in February 2011 and replaced the Family Medicine Research Fellowship Program.

For those without a research Masters degree, the CSP is a two year program (normally PGY3/PGY4) with the expectation that a relevant Masters research degree will be completed concurrently. Residents must devote 80% of their time to research activities and 20% to clinical care.

For those with a research Masters degree, the program is for one year. It is also possible to complete this as an integrated three year program beginning in PGY1, where upon completion, the resident will be eligible for certification in Family Medicine.

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Research Electives
The family medicine residency program allows for a one month elective in research.

Please direct questions to Dr. Paul Krueger, Associate Director, Research Program or Noah Frank, Research Administrator.

Research News & Events

  • The Research Program is currently accepting applications for the Graduate Research Studies Award. The deadline is Friday, June 12th. Please click here for details.