Pivot Funding Database

Pivot is a comprehensive international funding database to which the University of Toronto subscribes on behalf of faculty. The database provides researchers with a curated list of funding opportunities as based on departmental appointments, research interests, publication and granting history, and other profile information.


Pivot is a multi-functional website that allows you to:

  • Receive weekly email notifications of new and updated funding opportunities, as based on profile information
  • Conduct and save advanced funding searches which can include Canadian and international funding opportunities
  • Share funding opportunities with colleagues


Pivot Access

Pivot must be accessed at pivot.cos.com. Faculty members each have pre-populated profiles on Pivot, which must be claimed in order to effectively search the database.

Note: you MUST have access to your utoronto.ca email address in order to register for Pivot and claim your profile.


Pivot Workshops

DFCM faculty members have access to one-on-one or group training workshops on the use of Pivot, by request. To arrange a workshop, please contact Noah Frank, DFCM Research Administrator, at dfcm.research@utoronto.ca


Pivot Frequently Asked Questions

There is a helpful Pivot "How-To Guide" provided by the Faculty of Medicine here. However, there are a few questions that we receive on a regular basis, or questions that are not addressed in the "How-To Guide":

  • What if I don't know or don't have access to my utoronto.ca email address? Please visit the Help Desk, First Floor, Robarts Library; or call 416-978-HELP (4357); or email help.desk@utoronto.ca
  • How do I sign up/claim my profile? Noah Frank, DFCM Research Administrator, can assist with registering and claiming your profile. However, if you want to do so yourself: Visit http://pivot.cos.com and click on the "Sign Up" link in the top right corner. You MUST use your utoronto.ca email address to sign up for Pivot. Once signed up, click on you name in the top right corner of the page and click on "Claim Profile". Select the appropriate pre-populated profile, or create a new one.

Do you have additional questions about Pivot? Please contact Noah Frank, Research Administrator, at dfcm.research@utoronto.ca