IgFM Interest Group in Family Medicine

Founded in 2003, the Interest Group in Family Medicine (IgFM) continues to partner with the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) at the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP). IgFM strives to achieve 4 main objectives:

1) Increase student exposure to family medicine
2) Inform students of the diversity of roles filled by family physicians in different communities
3) Facilitate positive interactions between students and family physicians
4) Promote post-graduate training and practice in family medicine


Mentorship Program  

Beginning in the fall IgFM matches you with a family physician at one of the downtown hospitals or in the nearby community. This flexible program allows you to ask questions about Family Medicine as a career, observe real-life clinical scenarios, and meet patients of all age groups. Also, mix and mingle with the mentors and students at our annual social Wine and Cheese event.


Speaker Series

The speaker series runs all year and features Family Medicine residents and family physicians. Sit back on your lunch hour and learn about the diversity of Family Medicine, its 2 plus 1 program and models of practice. Listen to family physicians with special interests in public health, global health, obstetrics, and more. Learn from residents and residency program coordinators who have the inside scoop on what you need to get in.


Clinical Skills Conferences

The clinical skills workshops run on a weekend in the fall and winter terms. The day-long workshops cover essential clinical skills for all medical students including suturing and injections taught by family physicians or residents. The workshops also use hands-on models for learning how to deliver a baby and performing your very first PAP smear!


Journal Club FM

 Of particular interest this past year was our inauguration of Journal Club FM, which takes place over a lunch hour during the fall and winter terms. Through Journal Club FM we hope to showcase research and scholarship in Family Medicine, as well as to demonstrate the impact of research on clinical practice.


Family Medicine Longitudinal Experience

The Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto runs an exciting longitudinal Family Medicine observership program for second year students. The observership takes place either in the community or with a Family Medicine resident at a teaching hospital. Six afternoons are spent with a family physician preceptor spread out over two to three months. Students with a particular interest can request a preference to be paired up with a physician who focuses on that area of interest for example obstetrics, sports medicine, or women’s health.


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