Living in Toronto

Learn more from the City of Toronto about the cost of living.

  • Overall, you will require at least CDN $30,000 per year for each year of academic study
  • Tuiton fees are approximately CDN $17,000 per yearfor international graduate students
  • You will need a minimum of CDN $1,100 per month for living expenses
  • Health insurance is an additional cost

Applicants who cannot verify the nature and amount of financial support will not be admitted.

Neither the University of Toronto nor the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences have any contingency funds to assist students who run out of money during the course of their academic program.

International students must ensure that adequate support is provided since employment of non-Canadian students is generally not available in the DFCM.

Health Insurance

Academic Fellows should secure their own health insurance.

The University of Toronto participates in a limited Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for students and their families and Academic Fellows can apply.

If you want to apply for UHIP, you MUST enroll within a month of your arrival or be subject to a $500 fine.

Upon your arrival, please contact Sole Fernandez who can provide you with the contact and a program confirmation letter


International students require an appropriate Student Authorization to study in Canada.

Once accepted into the Department of Family and Community Medicine Academic Fellowship or MHSC program, you will receive an "Official Letter of Acceptance" from the appropriate Director which you must submit to your local Canadian Consulate to apply for a Student Visa to enter Canada.

This process takes approximately 4-8 weeks.

Physicians arriving as Clinical Fellows require an Employment Visa which is more complex and may take a number of months to arrange through the PGME office not DFCM.

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