Competency-Based Curriculum in Family Medicine

How to Use this Document

The document currently provides the Key Essential Competencies required of all trainees in the program. All key competencies are further defined by a set of enabling competencies. The Integrating Family Medicine page lists the generic competencies of the graduating practice-ready Family Physician. The key competencies are further grouped according to practice domain which will allow program directors and residents to develop rotation-specific learning outcomes. The Care of Adults domain incorporates general competencies in the provision of care to adults. However, there are links available within the document which may be used by both program directors and residents in planning specific rotations in Women’s Health, Musculoskeletal Medicine and Mental Health. Prior to beginning a learning experience or rotation, it would be helpful to review the competencies applicable to the experience and to develop a strategy for achieving them. Throughout the learning experience or rotation the competencies should be reviewed to ensure that they are being achieved.