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The Quality Improvement Program at the Department of Family and Community Medicine develops and delivers QI training to:

  • DFCM family medicine residents
  • DFCM faculty members and interprofessional care team professionals
  • Family physicians
  • Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Allied health care professionals

We offer a variety of learning options that can be customized and contextualized to meet the needs of the learner. Our training programs focus on building capacity and capability for quality improvement in primary care and community care.

Training is comprised of learning modules, each of which cover a specific topic. Examples of core material in our curriculum include:

  • Improving Complex Systems
  • Identifying Opportunities for Change
  • The Model for Improvement - Structuring and Testing Change
  • Analyzing Systems using QI Tools
  • Measurement Approaches for QI


    Family medicine resident training  

    During the Quality Improvement family medicine resident training program, residents will gain the necessary skills for Quality Improvement.

    Program format: One day in-class session, plus a QI project. 

    Presenters: Faculty from the family medicine teaching units.

    Program focus: Knowledge and skill building for QI and team effectiveness to enhance patient care increasing both patient and provider satisfaction, and ultimately achieving better clinical outcomes.


    Training for physicians and other health care professionals  

    During the Quality Improvement one and two day programs, participants will gain the necessary skills for Quality Improvement and Team Effectiveness.

    Program format: One and two day programs available.

    Presenters: Dr. Philip Ellison, Ms. Patricia O'Brien, and faculty from the family medicine teaching units.

    Audience: Faculty members, interprofessional care team members, family physicians, specialists, nurses, and allied health care professionals.

    Program focus: Knowledge and skill building for QI and team effectiveness to enable capacity development to improve systems of care related to patient and provider experience and population health and value.


    A note for participants  

    • Participants are encouraged to come with improvement opportunity ideas to facilitate QI learning that pertain to their daily work lives.
    • After actively engaging in the Quality Improvement curriculum, participants will be able to utilize quality improvement tools and resources to complete a Quality Improvement initiative in their setting.


    Mainpro-C Accredited 

    Both the one day and the two day program are accredited for Mainpro-C credits by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.


    Learn more about our programs 

    To inquire about one of our Quality Improvement programs, or a customized option, email Marisa Schwartz at dfcm.quality@utoronto.ca, or phone 416-978-3793.