Community of Practice


The QI Community of Practice is a group of family physicians and interprofessional healthcare team professionals from the DFCM’s 14 affiliated family medicine teaching units.  Members strive to embrace a quality improvement culture in their practice environment with a particular focus on networking, sharing and spreading improvement-related information via the community of practice. To date, a focus of the community of practice has been the development, implementation and analysis of the QI plans.

Below is a list of current Community of Practice members.

Family medicine teaching unit and member name


Barrie and Community FHT: Mr. Michael Feraday


Credit Valley Hospital: Ms. Claudia Mazariegos


Credit Valley Hospital: Dr. Dave Clarkson


Credit Valley Hospital: Dr. James Pencharz


Credit Valley Hospital: Dr. Manisha Sharma


DFCM, QI Program: Dr. Philip Ellison


DFCM, QI Program: Ms. Patricia O'Brien


Markham Stouffville Hospital: Mr. Joe DaSilva


Markham Stouffville Hospital: Dr. John Maxted


Mount Sinai Hospital: Ms. Deborah Adams


Mount Sinai Hospital: Ms. Michelle Naimer


Mount Sinai Hospital: Dr. Sakina Walji


North York FHT: Dr. Kim Wintemute


North York FHT: Ms. Sue Griffis


North York FHT: Ms. Marjan Moeinedin


North York General Hospital: Dr. Tiffany Florindo


North York General Hospital: Dr. Joanne Laine-Gossin


Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre: Dr. Brent Elsey


South East Toronto FHT: Ms. Kavita Mehta


South East Toronto FHT: Ms. Maureen Gans

Southlake FHT: Ms. Kim Patteson

Southlake FHT: Ms. Mary Nguyen


Southlake Regional Health Centre: Dr. David Makary


St. Joseph's Health Centre: Ms. Alejandra Priego


St. Joseph's Health Centre: Ms. Daphne Williams


St. Joseph's Health Centre: Dr. Linda Weber


St. Michael's Hospital: Ms. Samantha Davie


St. Michael's Hospital: Ms. Laurie Malone


St. Michael's Hospital: Dr. Tara Kiran


St. Michael's Hospital: Dr. Yee Ling Chang


St. Michael's Hospital: Ms. Susan Blacker


Summerville FHT: Ms. Shuchi Ranasinghe


Summerville FHT: N. Azukowski


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre: Dr. Debbie Elman


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre: Ms. Judith Manson


The Scarborough Hospital: Dr. Rosemarie Lall


The Scarborough Hospital: Dr. Susanna Fung


Toronto East General Hospital: Dr. Sam Tirkos


Toronto East General Hospital: Dr. Thuynga Pham


Toronto Western Hospital: Ms. Teri Arany


Toronto Western Hospital: Dr. Lesley Adcock


Trillium Health Partners: Dr. David Daien


Trillium Health Partners: Dr. Frances Cousins


Women's College Hospital: Mr. Ken Callaghan


Women's College Hospital: Dr. Susie Kim


Community of Practice members can assess the Quality Improvement Program Portal here. 


If you are interesting in joining the QI Community of Practice, please contact Marisa Schwartz at