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Message from Dr. Barbara Stubbs, Program Director, Professional Development Program

Dear Colleagues,
Let me share with you my enthusiasm about our Professional Development (PD) Program in the DFCM. Professional development is all about the variety of ways we can grow in our roles as clinicians, educators and scholars. The PD program was started in 2003 in order to foster the professional and personal development of the members of the DFCM and the broader community of family physicians. Our program is shaped and supported by a strong Professional Development Committee (PDC), comprising representatives from each of the Family Medicine Teaching Units, the Divisions of Emergency Medicine and Palliative Care and the Teaching Practices program.
In the past five years the PDC has grown substantially with the addition of representatives from all five expansion sites. The focus of the PDC has been to create and deliver sustainable programs at the local and departmental levels that can assist all faculties in developing the knowledge and skills to become outstanding academic clinicians, educators and leaders.
One of our most rewarding endeavours has been the annual delivery of the Basics Program for New Faculty. This very popular three day orientation program has been designed to equip our new faculty with techniques to function optimally in their new roles and to strengthen collegial relationships within the DFCM. Other departmental initiatives have been the “Beyond Basics” day for mid and late career faculty; our mentorship network; leadership events and yearly Senior Promotions sessions.
The PD representatives are responsible for a variety of activities at their local sites – including the organization and delivery of faculty development offerings and broad mentorship support. In many cases they are also responsible for the oversight of local Clinician Education programs. They can provide information on academic planning resources, awards and financial supports. The professional development program is closely involved with the support of our internationally renowned Academic Fellowship and Graduate Studies programs as well as the educational support in the very successful Primary Care Today Conference.
All of these activities and offerings are ways to connect with our colleagues and to grow as individuals. “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” (G. Eliot) 
Dr. Barbara Stubbs, Program Director, Professional Development Program 

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