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Internal Events

Rachel Ellaway Visit

A Celebration of Education Scholarship with Dr. Rachel Ellaway will be held on Tuesday September 29th and Wednesday September 30th. Please RSVP by Monday September 21.

Dr. Ellaway is Professor of Medical Education in Community Health Sciences and Co-Director of the Office for Health and Medical Education Scholarship at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. Her academic work has concentrated on online learning, simulation and the development and use of new technologies for teaching and assessment in and around health professional education. More recently her work has taken a more theoretical turn, exploring context, activity, pattern, and realism as applied to and defining of the field of medical education research. Dr. Ellaway is an Editor for Advances in Health Sciences Education, she wrote the ‘eMedical Teacher’ column for the journal Medical Teacher, she is the original and ongoing Maîtresse des Cérémonies for the AMEE Conference Fringe, and has just had her first album released on iTunes.

Laying the foundation for the future: Phase One findings from The Office of Education Scholarship Initiative. Department of Family & Community Medicine Conference, Walter Rosser Day. Toronto. Freeman R, Paton M, Webster F, Cartmill C, Whitehead C. Peer-reviewed Poster Presentation. May 2, 2014.

 "To Be or Not to Be a Scholar: Enhancing educational scholarship in everyday practice." Undergraduate Education Faculty Development Workshop. Risa Freeman & Morag Paton. Vaughan Estates. November 15, 2013.

Past Workshops

Workshop at INTAPT (Interprofessional Applied Practical Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions). Fiona Webster & Cynthia Whitehead. March 27, 2012

“To be (or not to be) a scholar: enhancing scholarship in everyday practice." Beyond Basics- workshop by Fiona Webster, Education Scientist, and Risa Freeman, Education Consultant. March 2012.

“Taking the Next Step: Adding Scholarship to Undergraduate Medical Education Programs and Ideas”. Undergraduate Education Faculty Development Workshop. Vaughan Estates. November 2011.

UEC Educational Scholarship Presentation Slides

“Educational Scholarship". INTAPT: Interprofessional Applied Practical Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions. October 2011.



The Event Calendar also features educational scholarship events external to the DFCM

Below is a chronological listing of education and scholarship related local, national, and international conferences and meetings that may be of interest.  While we try to ensure that this is accurate, individuals are advised to check with the conference organizations themselves for updated information regarding submission or registration deadlines.  If you feel a conference or event is missing from this list, please feel free to contact

The acronyms listed in the table below are explained below. Where there is an organizing body, that is included in brackets. 

AAMC: Association of American Medical Colleges

AERA: American Educational Research Association

AMEE: Association for Medical Education in Europe

CCME: Canadian Conference on Medical Education

FMF: Family Medicine Forum (College of Family Physicians of Canada)

ICRE: International Conference on Residency Education (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada)

NAPCRG: North American Primary Care Research Group

OCFP: Ontario College of Family Physicians

RIME: Research in Medical Education (Association of American Medical Colleges)

STFM: Society of Teachers of Family Medicine

WONCA: World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians

Conference  Location Start Date End Date Abstract Submission Dates Registration Dates
ICRE 2013 Calgary 26-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
closed (Aug 2013)
Wilson Centre Research Day Toronto 25-Oct-13
closed (July 2013)
RIME 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 01-Nov-13 06-Nov-13 closed (Feb 2013)
AAMC 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 01-Nov-13 06-Nov-13 closed closed (Oct 2013)
FMF 2013 Vancouver, BC 08-Nov-13 09-Nov-13 closed (May 2013)
NAPCRG 2013 Ottawa, ON 09-Nov-13 13-Nov-13 closed (April 2013)
OCFP Annual Scientific Assembly Toronto, ON 28-Nov-13 30-Nov-13 closed closed (Nov 2013)
STFM - Conference on Medical Student Education Nashville, TN 30-Jan-14 02-Feb-14 closed  open (Oct 2013)
Wilson Centre THESIS
Toronto, ON
20-Mar-14   closed (Dec 2013) open (until Feb 3 2014)
WONCA Rural Health Conference 2014
Gramado, Brazil
03-Apr-14 05-Apr-14 closed open
AERA Annual Meeting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 03-Apr-14 07-Apr-14 closed (July 2013)
CCME 2014 Ottawa, ON 25-Apr-14 29-Apr-14 Symposia only Feb 28/14, all others closed (Sept 2013)
open (Aug 2013
DFCM Conference
Toronto, ON
01-May-14 02-May-14 closes Feb 15, 2015
STFM - Annual Spring Conference San Antonio, Texas 03-May-14 07-May-14 closed (Sep 2013) open (Dec 2013)
WONCA Asia Pacific 2014 Sarawak, Malaysia 21-May-14 24-May-14 closed (Dec 2013)
WONCA Europe 2014 Lisbon, Portugal 02-Jul-14 05-Jul-14 closed
AMEE 2014 Milan, Italy 30-Aug-14 3-Sep-14 open
ICRE 2014 Toronto, ON 23-Oct-14 25-Oct-14 see this attachment

RIME 2014 Chicago, IL 06-Nov-14
07-Nov-14 Research or Review papers open until Feb 3, 2014.
AAMC Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL 07-Nov-14
FMF 2014 Quebec City 12-Nov-14
NAPCRG 2014 New York, NY 21-Nov-14 25-Nov-14

WONCA Asia Pacific 2015 Taiwan 05-Mar-15 08-Mar-15

AERA Annual Meeting Chicago, Illinois 16-Apr-15 20-Apr-15

CCME 2015 Vancouver, BC 25-Apr-15 28-Apr-15

AMEE 2015 Glasgow, Scotland 05-Sep-15 09-Sep-15

ICRE 2015 Vancouver, BC 22-Oct-15 24-Oct-14

WONCA Europe 2015 Istanbul, Turkey 22-Oct-15 25-Oct-15

NAPCRG 2015 Cancun, Mexico 24-Oct-15 28-Oct-15

CCME 2016 Montreal, QC 16-Apr-16 19-Apr-16

ICRE 2016 Niagara Falls, ON 28-Sep-16 01-Oct-16

NAPCRG 2016 Colorado Springs, CO 12-Nov-16 16-Nov-16