About The Office of Education Scholarship

Mandate and Strategic Goals:

To coordinate and support education scholarship activities.

To advance educational scholarship across the DFCM’s programs.

To develop a community of practice, build education scholarship capacity, and enable a departmental culture of recognition and  support through valuing and investing in education scholarship activities.

The Formation of the OES:

The Educational Scholarship Advisory Group was charged with the mandate of making recommendations to advance educational scholarship across DFCM’s programs and to make recommendations to the DFCM’s executive committee for next steps.  The Educational Scholarship Advisory Group Report recommended the formation of the Office of Education Scholarship and the OES was created in 2012.

Office of Education Scholarship Contacts:

Dr. Risa Freeman, MD, MEd.

Vice-Chair Education and Director, Office of Education Scholarship

contact through the Office of Education Scholarship at 416-946-7070416-946-7070


Dr. Risa Freeman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, and a Clinician Educator Researcher at the The Wilson Centre.  She is a staff physician at North York General Hospital   Her clinical practice is based in the community and she has been a member of the active staff at North York General Hospital since 1990. She teaches at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development levels in her clinical office and at the University of Toronto. Dr. Freeman's academic and scholarly work has focused on four main areas: medical education curricula and planning; student and faculty learning strategies; evaluation and assessment; and faculty development.


Dr. Cynthia Whitehead, MD, CCFP, FCFP, PhD

Office of Education Scholarship Consultant 

contact through Jim Szabo at 416-323-6400416-323-6400 x 3019


Dr. Cynthia Whitehead is an Associate Professor and the former Vice-Chair, Education in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto and an Education Scientist at the Wilson Centre. She is currently the Vice-President, Education at Women's College Hospital and Director of the Wilson Centre. She completed a Master’s in Health Professions Teaching and Education in 2008 and a PhD in 2011. In addition to her clinical work as an academic family physician, she is involved in teaching, curriculum design, faculty development and health professions education research. Her research focuses on critical discourse analysis of various aspects of health professions education. Some particular areas of interest include primary care education, outcomes-based education, interprofessional education and the history of medical education.


Dr. Fiona Webster, PhD

Education Scientist

(416) 946-7553(416) 946-7553


Dr. Fiona Webster is an Education Scientist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto and a CIHR New Investigator. She is a cross-appointed scientist with the Wilson Centre and a fellow of the Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research (CQ). She also holds cross-appointments with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Institute of Medical Sciences and the Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation. In the latter program she teaches 2 graduate courses in qualitative research methodologies and methods. She is a member of BRIDGES and leads their Qualitative Research Committee. Her formal training is in sociology and specifically institutional ethnography. Her research interests are grounded in the intersection of clinical care and medical education, including issues of the hidden curriculum, with a particular focus on the social organization of training, practices and policies related to chronic pain in primary care.

Dr. Nicole Woods, PhD

Education Evaluation Scientist


Dr. Mahan Kulasegaram, PhD

Education Scientist


Dr. Sarah Wright, PhD

Education Scientist


Genevieve Ford

Acting Education Scholarship Coordinator

(416) 946-7070(416) 946-7070



Program/OES Contacts

Viola Antao, MD, CCFP, MHSc, FCFP

Professional Development - Education Scholarship Coordinator

(416) 978-2870(416) 978-2870


Dr. Viola Antao is an Assistant Professor and Clinician Educator in the DFCM and joined the OES in 2012. Viola is responsible for enhancing the scholarly capacity and productivity in the area of professional development for our department. She is a founding member of the Professional Development Committee and as the ongoing Professional Development representative for Women’s College Hospital; Dr. Antao brings to this position expertise in professional development at both the departmental and local program level. She has been a key creator of the award winning Basics Program for New Faculty, and has presented her work on the evaluation of this program at national and international meetings. In her role as an educational research scholar, Dr. Antao is currently examining the educational training and roles of academic non-physician health care professionals in Family Medicine teaching.


Melissa Nutik, MD, CCFP, FCFP, MEd

Undergraduate Education Scholarship Lead

(416) 978-1896(416) 978-1896


Dr. Melissa Nutik is an Assistant Professor and Clinician Educator in the Department of Family & Community Medicine.  She joined the OES in 2013 as the Undergraduate Education Scholarship Lead.  She has been a member of the Undergraduate Education Committee of the Department of Family and Community Medicine since 2004 in a variety of different roles.  She is a staff physician at Mount Sinai hospital where she teaches learners of all levels.   Her special research interests are in the area of clinical and communication skills and evaluation.


Milena Forte, MD, CCFP

Postgraduate Education Scholarship Lead


Dr. Milena Forte is an Assistant Professor and Clinician Educator in the Department of Family & Community Medicine and joined the OES in 2015 as the Postgraduate Education Scholarship Lead.  She is a family physician at Mount Sinai Hospital and the DFCM's Maternity Care Lead.