Video Conference Tools

August 2011 Conferencing Tool Training

Faculty and staff are encouraged to book and use, for free, the DFCM's video conference unit at the DFCM central office.
The unit is a 50 inch plasma TV, a video camera and video conference unit (like a hard drive).
Book it through the ICT office.

Video conferences can connect you to one or more sites that also have video conference equipment and a connection to OTN Ontario Health Network.
IP to IP is also configurable if the remote site can provide a bridge. The remote site's IT people can help with that.

DFCM will provide the set up, support, testing, room booking, video conference unit booking and troubleshooting before and during the meeting.

Use our video conference to conduct or attend:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Courses, seminars, workshops, lectures
  • Interviews
  • Get togethers

You can use it with a presentation like Power Point and focus solely on the presentation - not you standing in front of a screen gesturing at the slides - but the slides only while you narrate them.

Contact the ICT Information & Communication Technology office to book a video conference. Let us know:

  • When you want to book; during the academic year a month's lead time is helpful but not required.
  • Meeting size and meeting length to help us book you a room.
  • Contact information for the other site(s) so ICT can test the connection with them.

On the day of the meeting arrive early to the meeting to learn about and feel comfortable using the unit.

What to expect in a video conference: 

  • Seeing and hearing the participants at the other site(s)
  • See how you appear to the other site(s) in a little box on the side
  • A video link very close to real time - not slow and choppy like a video satellite phone on TV

Share a video conference tip with us

Sites with DFCM-bought video conference units:

  • For support, contact your sites' IT or technology support
  • If they cannot help, the site has its own contract with OTN for support