Online Meetings


Download PDF instructions for using Skype to conduct an online meeting 

Adobe Connect

Web-based online meeting and collaboration software for

  • Web conferences
  • Online meetings
  • eLearning sessions
  • Document review sessions
  • Working group meetings
  • ... and the like

 The basics:

  • The software is called Adobe Connect.
  • You use an Internet browser with Flash software installed.
  • According to Adobe, who make Flash, 98% of computers already have this installed.
  • If you don't know whether your PC has Flash installed, DFCM will give you a chance to test the software on your computer well before your meeting takes place.
  • Your computer doesn't necessarily need a camera or microphone, you can join the meeting online and use a telephone to speak to the other participants.
  • It uses a secure protocol.

To use the software:

  • Contact the ICT Information & Communication Technology office to book a book a meeting - 48 hours ahead of time is ideal.
  • ICT will send the meeting's host the web link for the meeting so they can send it to their meeting participants
  • When the meeting starts, participants visit the web page and join the meeting. Enter as participant or guest - either is fine. There is no password.

What you can do in your online meeting:

  • Record and save the meeting
  • Present slides
  • Share files
  • Edit documents together
  • Conduct polls
  • Adjourn to break-out rooms

Learn more about Adobe Connect at their website