UTORid and Portal Help

What is a UTORid?

A U of T assigned username and password that faculty and staff use to access the DFCM and other university portals as well as U of T library resources.

Why have a UTORid?

  • Access to Field Note
  • Free online library access to nearly 625,000 eBooks and over 65,100 journals
  • Participate as an interviewer for our residency admission process

Do I have a UTORid? What is it?

All DFCM faculty have a UTORid, find it one of two ways:

1. Email the ICT office right now and we’ll send it to you along with instructions to get started. Please expect a 5-7 day wait time to receive a response.

2. Find it in your files

When you signed back and returned your official letter of offer to be appointed to the DFCM, we sent you a package, either by Canada Post or email, with three things in it: one, a UofT personnel number; two, a letter with your UTORid and instructions; and three, information about the DFCM library.

In very rare cases, a faculty member may not have sent back their formal letter of offer to the DFCM. This is a required step to get the UTORid. If you have lost your letter of offer, the DFCM can get you a new one. Please contact Christianne Green at dfcm.facultyappt@utoronto.ca.

What’s my password?

If you have forgotten your password you can test your memory of the password without freezing your account – do not try it on the portal log-in page! Your password was self-generated and was 8 characters and/or digits in length.

1. https://www.utorid.utoronto.ca/

2. Scroll down and find a big yellow box.

3. Under the box, click on verify your UTORid and password.

4. Follow the instructions.

If you have still forgotten your password, please contact ICT Support at ict.dfcm@utoronto.ca at the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto. Please expect a 5-7 day wait time to receive a response.

You may also visit the Information Commons help desk at Robarts Library to reset your password in person:

Information Commons

Robarts Library, 1st Floor

130 St. George Street



Please refer to the Information Commons web page. It is located at the Robarts Library and opening hours may vary. http://www.utoronto.ca/ic/helpdesk/index.html

How do I log-in to the portal? Where is the DFCM portal?

1) Start at the portal login page: http://portal.utoronto.ca/
2) Find this image on the left and click it. The image is blue, has a green tree in front of a green circle and says log-in to the portal.


3) Enter your UTORid and password

4) To find your portal link, look for a blue bar with white letters that says something like "My Organizations" or "My Organizations Plus". It may be near "My Courses". Look for a DFCM organization.

Still need help? Please contact the
ICT office.

Contact the DFCM’s ICT Office for help

  • Forgot or can’t find your UTORid or password?
  • Your UTORid isn’t working?
  • Need a UTORid?
  • You want to make UTORid account changes?
  • Something else?

Learn more about UTORids from the University’s website

Make UTORId account changes

... such as UTORmail forwarding, auto-reply, spam filtering, change your UTORmail email address, migrate from UTORmail to UTORexchange (faculty and staff only)

Contact Information Commons

  • Walk in for service, please bring photo ID for account changes, on the first floor of Robarts Library.
  • Call them 416 978 HELP
  • Visit the website for location and operating hours. http://www.utoronto.ca/ic/