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DFCM Visual Identity Standards

This booklet is designed to help you understand and represent the DFCM’s visual identity (VI) consistently, everywhere. This booklet contains the DFCM VI standards.The elements of the DFCM VI include the DFCM signature (sometimes called the logo), the coloured bars, images, colours and typography.

The elements of the DFCM VI include the DFCM signature (sometimes called the logo), the coloured bars, images, colours and typography.

The DFCM VI standards apply to:

1. Anyone making any use of any element of the DFCM VI.
2. Communications, marketing and promotional efforts directly related to the Department and its programs.
The DFCM VI standards are optional for educational material, which includes course material and evaluations. However, if any element of the VI is used, the use of that element must follow the standards.

Where there is a need, these standards can and should be shared within and outside the DFCM.

Download the PDF DFCM Visual Identity Standards


To apply the DFCM slide template to your existing presentation, search Microsoft PowerPoint help about applying a slide master.

Download the Department-wide slide template (ppt)

Slide Usage


For use by DFCM staff, faculty, teaching units and funded researchers for DFCM-related presentations.

You can use the logo of your hospital, teaching group, research group or other organization on the DFCM slides. Please make it about the same size as the DFCM signature and do not place in a way that makes one superior or subordinate to the other.

Please use white space – it’s a design feature that gives the eyes a rest and contributes to an elegant, confident, U of T design.


Don’t use the slides as the source for the visual identity bars, images, colours, etc.
For example, it’s NOT OK to cut and paste the bars or the logo from a slide presentation and paste it into a Word document. If you want to use the visual identity for other pieces, please contact Communications.
Don’t resize the slides or the bars will present poorly.
Don’t use Power Point to create anything that will be printed on paper or any other material. It’s for online only.
Don’t put anything except text in the header.
Use just one DFCM slide in a presentation where all the slides look different. All slides should look the same for consistency and to strengthen the impact.

DFCM Signature / Logo

The Department can make wordmark files available to faculty and staff. Email and indicate the purpose of the piece for which you need the signature and if it is for print or online use.

Rules of Use

The DFCM signature is our legal and registered trademark. As such, it should be protected and its use, controlled.

The DFCM signature must always appear exactly as designed and must NEVER be altered in any way.

The DFCM signature consists of two elements – the crest and the wordmark. These two elements may ONLY appear together as part of the full signature – i.e. neither the crest nor the wordmark may be used on its own

Any U of T signature, including DFCM's may ONLY appear in U of T blue (Pantone 655 or equivalent) or black. It may NEVER appear in any other colour. When reversed or knocked out, it may only appear out of U of T blue or black, or a tint of 60% or higher of these.

The width of the crest within the signature must NEVER appear smaller than 0.25". As the signature may not be altered in any way, the dimension of the wordmark will fall out proportionately from that

A minimum margin of clear space must be left around the signature. The clear space must be equal to the height of the words ‘University of’

Business Cards or Letterhead

Please contact reception 416-946-5938

Need something else?

If you need a solution outside the guidelines, please contact Communications.

Before going to an outside designer or when purchasing merchandise with the DFCM logo, please contact Communications.

DFCM Communications can write, edit, design, layout and create a communications piece for you – or help you do it.