Forms, Templates and References


A complete list of forms, templates and reference material required  for faculty appointments, promotions and renewals. 

To complete an academic appointment application, please refer to the applicable appointment type on the Application Process & Packages page for a complete list of required documents.


Checklist - Jr Promotion

Checklist - Three Year Performance Review

Checklist - Clinical (MD) Cross Appointment

Checklist - Status-Only (non-MD) Appointment

Application Forms (can only be submitted up until June 2013)

Clinical Appointment - Part Time/Adjunct (Page 1)

Clinical Appointment – MD (for Full Time only) 

Academic Appointment – Non MD  

Promotion – MD

 Job Description

Job Description - Part Time/Adjunct

Job Description – MD (for Full Time OR Part Time at a TAHSN Site)

Job Description – Non MD

Job Description - TP/RRP

Job Description - Jr Promotion

Job Description – 3 Year review

 Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan - MD

Professional Development Plan - Non-MD

Professional Development Plan - Jr Promotion

Professional Development Plan - 3 Year Review

Professional Development Plan - TP/RRP

 Letter of Support

Letter of Support Template - Adjunct (MD)

Letter of Support Template - Part Time (MD)

Letter of Support Template - Full Time (MD)

Letter of Support Template - Status Only (Non-MD)

Letter of Support Template - 3 Year Review (MD)

Letter of Support Template - Jr Promotion (MD)

Letter of Support Template - Clinical (MD) Cross-Appointment

Letter of Support Template - Status Only (Non-MD) Cross-Appointment 

Letter of Support Template - Re-Appointment (transfer of sites)

 Reference Letter Templates

Internal/External Reference Letter Guidelines - Initial Appointment

Template to Solicit Reference Letters - Initial Appointment

Reference Letter Template - Initial Appointment

Internal Reference Letter Guidelines - Junior Promotion

External Reference Letter Guidelines - Junior Promotion

Template to Solicit Reference Letters - Junior Promotion

Reference Letter Template - Junior Promotion



Sample Dossier Templates


Sample Teaching Dossier

Sample CPA Dossier

Sample Research Dossier


Reference Documents

Job Description Categories

Professional Development Guidelines

Benefits for Full Time Faculty - Tuition Waiver, Scholarship Program, Joint Membership


WebCV Template - New Faculty

Data Summary Evaluation Report

Condensed CV Template

FMLE - Introduction Package

Teaching Practices/RRP - Welcome Letter

Professional Profile Form - TP/RRP

Welcome Letter - Information for New Faculty

Letter of Application Template - 3 Year Review

Letter of Exemption Template - Part Time at TAHSN

Time Commitment Form

Profile Form