Departmental Award Descriptions and Nominations

The Departmental Awards of Excellence

This year, the Deadline for the DFCM Awards of Excellence nominations is March 15, 2016.

About the awards

The awards recognize outstanding work by our faculty and staff. They acknowledge individuals or groups whose contributions go well beyond what is expected in advancing the department's mission. Winners of any given award will not be considered for re-nomination in the same category for 5 years. Re-working and re-submission of unsuccessful nominations in subsequent years is encouraged. Self nomination is also encouraged.

The Awards

Academic Family Physician of the Year

Excellence in Leadership

Excellence in Teaching (Early Career)

Sustained Excellence in Teaching

Excellence in Course/Program Development

Excellence in Development and Use of Innovative Instructional Methods

Excellence in Social Responsibility

Outstanding Contribution to Family Medicine Research

Research Excellence (New Investigator and Senior Investigator)

Excellence in Creative Professional Activity

The Louise Nasmith Award

Quality Improvement Excellence Award

Staff Excellence

Staff Excellence in Leadership Values

 Staff Excellence in Collaboration

Nomination Form

The Departmental Awards Nomination Form