Apply for an EDF Grant

Internal Departmental Review Process for EDF Applications

Internal deadline: Noon, Tuesday January 5th, 2016 -


EDF Final Deadline: Noon, Friday, February 5th, 2016 (one month after internal deadline)

The call for applications for the Faculty of Medicine’s Education Development Fund (EDF) has been released and the DFCM would like to encourage our Faculty members to consider applying for this seed funding opportunity.  The DFCM has a structured internal review process with the intent to increase the quality and yield of grants funded by the EDF.  

EDF grants require matched funding (up to $10,000 from the EDF matched by the DFCM) and proposals that would require this match to come from the Department must be supported by the Department Chair.  Applicants who are seeking this matched departmental funding must apply through the DFCM internal review process prior to submitting an EDF application.  If your project involves more than one department, we suggest you seek matched funding from the DFCM as well as those other departments. Up to three proposals will be supported by the DFCM this year.

While the EDF’s application deadline is noon on February 5, 2016, the submission to the DFCM for matching funds is NOON on TUESDAY JANUARY 5th. 

We strongly advise you to contact Morag Paton in the Office of Education Scholarship (OES) at to indicate your intention to apply for matching funds, and to assist you to ensure that you are eligible to receive a grant.   Faculty members within the OES will be offering consultations in December for EDF applicants. Please contact Morag to request a consultation. Please do come prepared to the consultation with a draft application and specific questions if possible.

We encourage individuals who are considering applying for an EDF to review the details of the call on the EDF website, paying careful attention to eligibility, team-composition, the categories of project types and the requirements for submitting REB documents in advance of the February application deadline.

Submission process for DFCM for 2016 EDF grants

Step 1 (Voluntary): Contact the Office of Education Scholarship to indicate your intent to apply, to confirm eligibility and to request a consultation. 

Step 2: Consider attending one of the Centre for Faculty Development's Workshops as outlined on the Faculty of Medicine's EDF website. You may also wish to review this document: 6 Tips for the Education Grant Writing Process.

Step 2: Apply for ethics prior to the February 5th deadline.  Please review the DFCM requirements for ethics reviews, noting that projects moving to the REB process at the University must go through an internal review process within the Department first.  Applicants would be advised to submit to the Department early in January if possible. 

Step 3: Submit your application to the DFCM by noon on Tuesday January 5th using this templateThe DFCM will assess the proposals and determine up to three proposals to put forward by the Chair with a guarantee of departmental matched funds if the proposal is successful.  Applicants will be notified as soon as possible and the required supporting letter by the Chair will be sent to the applicant in advance of the EDF application deadline. 

Step 5: Those proposals supported by the DFCM for matched funds must be submitted by applicants online by the Faculty of Medicine's deadline (noon on February 5, 2016) through the EDF website. You will also be responsible for submitting the Letter of Support from the Chair of the Department that we will email to you in advance of the Feb 5th deadline.

Please refer to the EDF website for further details or email The Office of Education Scholarship -